Department Industrial Visit Organized

14/22/2017Industrial Visit to IPCA Laboratories Ltd. Sanwer Road Indore
24/8/2017Industrial Visit to Light Guide Optics Ltd. Polo Ground Indore.
39/22/2016Industrial Visit to Indore Sahakari Dugdh Sangh, Manglia, Indore
49/3/2016Industrial Visit to: Waste Water Treatment Plant Kabit-Khedi, Indore.
54/17/2015Industrial Visit to Volvo Eicher Power Train Industrial Area, Pithampur (M.P.)
63/27/2015Industrial Visit to Ipca Laboratory Village Sejarta Dist. Ratlam
73/13/2015Industrial Visit to NeutraceuticalsPvt.Ltd. Industrial area Sanwer Road Indore (M.P.)
810/17/2014Industrial Visit to SahakariDugdhaSanghTalaWaliManglia, Indore (M.P.)
99/5/2014Advance Research Lab Visit to Physics Department, Celestrone 14 inch Telescope & Weather Station IPS Academy, Indore
108/23/2014Industrial Visit to Waste water Treatment Plant Kabit-khedi Indore. (M.P.)
114/27/2013Visit to Sanchi Dugdha Sangh Manglia, Indore (M.P.)
124/20/2013Visit to EICHER Motors Ltd. Industrial Area, Pithampur, (M.P.)
1310/20/2012Visit to Ipca Laboratories Ltd. Industrial Estate Pologround, Indore
149/1/2012M P Waste Management project. RAMKY Enviro Engineers Ltd. Industrial Area, Pithampur. ( M.P.)
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