Department Workshop Organized

19/13/20179/15/2017Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC)
29/4/20179/8/2017National Workshop on "An Innovative Approach towards Recent trends and Advancement in Renewable Energy sources and Technologies for sustainable Environment
310/21/201610/22/2016National Workshop on “Advances on Waste Valorization: New Horizons for Sustainable Society”
49/22/20169/24/2016Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp
53/1/20163/2/2016National Workshop on “Waste to Wealth: Recent Trends & Advances in Development of Value Added Product from Waste”
68/21/20148/22/2014National Workshop on “Green Chemistry and Green Engineering for Sustainable Environment”
711/21/201311/22/2013National Workshop on “Energy Technologies for Sustainable Future”
88/22/20128/24/2012Symposium on “Recent Trends & Technologies in Particle Science”
98/2/20118/6/2011National Workshop on Nano Technology
1010/20/201010/22/2010National Workshop on " Recent Advancements on Biotech & Biochemical Engineering"
114/11/20084/11/2008Nation workshop on" Current Trends in Heat Transfer & Heat Exchanger Design
1211/3/200611/4/2006National conference on Chemical Engineering and Environment : Current Trends and Issues
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