Laboratory Details

Existing Laboratories
Engineering ChemistryAdvance Engineering Chemistry
Material And Energy BalanceChemical Instrumentation
Fluid Particle MechanicsFluid Mechanics
Fuel TechnologyMass Transfer-I
Intrument and process control & Advance Process Control LabMass Transfer -II & Advance Sepreation Process Lab
Chemical Reaction Engg.Environmental Engg.
Software LabBio-Tech. Lab
Chemical Reaction Engg.-II------------------
Major Softwares Available
AFT Fathom ( Education Version)
Win Sim- Design II
COMSOL Multiphysics, Class Kit License (CKL)
Major Equipments Available
Physical Balance with Weight BoxAbels Apparatus (02 Nos)Conradson App.
Cleave Land Open Cup App. (02 Nos)Engler's Viscometer App. (01 Nos)Electroploting App. With Copper :ants Jar
Pen sky Martin App.Pentro meterRedwood Viscometer No. (01 Nos)
Redwood Visco meter No. (02 Nos)Centrifuge App.Measurement of strain using strain gauge
P.H. MeterConductivity MeterHeating Mental (03 Nos)
Water BathHot Air ovenDry & Wet Bulb thermometer (05 Nos)
Muffle FurnaceHot PlateCalibration of Thermocouples
Digital SpectrophotometerTurbidity MeterPolarimeter
Jaw crusherBall MillFluidised Bed Charactaristic
Plate & Frame Filter PressLeaf FilterThickner
Cyclone SeparatorPressure Dropthrough Packed BedHammer Mill
Vibrating Screen Apparatus.Screw Conveyor Discharge Through Venturier meter & orifice meter
Flow Through Orifice & MouthficeNozzlemeter TestringReynolds App. with measuring Cylinder
Metacentric Hight App.Losses Due to Fraction in pipeLosses Due to pipe Fitting
Pitot Tube Appt.Centrifugal Pump Test ring with tankDigital Techometer
Two stage ComperssurRams Bottom carbon ResidueCloud & Pour point App.
Orsat Gas AnalysisBombCalorimeterPensky martein App.
Metacentric Hight App.Losses Due to Fraction in pipeLosses Due to pipe Fitting
Abel's Flash Point App.Cleave land open cup App.Smoke Point App.
Saybolt ViscometerAniline Point App.Drop Point App.
Carbon Residue App.Muffle Tubular FarnaceWetted Wall Coloumn
Cooling TowerForced Draft Tray DryerSolid Liquid Extraction
Batch Crystalizer (Swenson Walker)Liquid ExtractionAgitated Batch
Vapours In air Diffusion ApperatusMass Transfer With and Without Chemical ReactionThermal Conductivity of Metal Rod
Forced Convention ApparatusStefan Boltxman ApperatusEmissivity Measurement Apperatus
Shell and Tube Heat ExchengerParallel & Counter Flow Heat ExchangerDroapwise & Filmwise Heat Exchanger
Single Effect EvaporatorFinned Tube Heat ExchangerUnsteady State Heat Transfer Unit
Natural Convection ApparatusThermal Conductivity of Composite WallPlate type Heat Exchanger
Critical heat flux apparatus Two Tank Interacting SystemTwo Tank NonInteracting System
Interacting and Noninteracting SystemCalibration of ThermocouplesDead weight Pressure Gauge
Control Valve CharactersticsAir compressorMeasurement of Level by Air Purge
PID ControllerTime Constant of ManometerTime Constant of Thermocouple & Thermometer
Level Control Trainer Temperature Control Trainer Pressure Control Trainer
Temperature Transducer Trainer (Setup for calibration of RTD & Thermocouple) Level Measurement by differential pressure transmitterSteam Disttilation
Electronic Balance Adsorption In Packed BedAbsorption In Packed Bed
Bubble Cap DisittilationRefrotrometerDigital Spectrophotometer
EbulliometerElutriatorIsothermal Semi Batch Reactor
CSTRPlug Flow ReactorRTD study in CSTR
RTD of Packed Bed ReactorAdiabatic Batch ReactorCascade CSTR
Turbidity MeterFlucolator Jar TestingFlam Photometer
Muffle FurnaceMagnetic StirrerWater Distillation Unit
Nephelometer 1000 NTUNoise MeterAnalysis Kit 7 Parameter
Colony CounterChloroscopeBinuclor Microscope
Muffle Furnace (Tubular)BOD IncubatorCOD Apparatus
Portable AutoClaveWetted Wall ColoumnSolid Liquid Extraction
Mass Transfer With and Without Chemical ReactionBio Diesel---------------
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