Paper published in Journal

1Dr.Archana K.Chowdhary Dr.Keerti K.ChowdharyInternational Journal of Engineering & Innovative Technology“Integrated Water Management for a Multipurpose Project”
2Dr.Keerti K.Chowdhary Dr.Archana K.ChowdharyInternational Journal of Engineering & Innovative Technology“Bio-Energy Generation: A Sustainable Environmental Technology for Waste Management”
3Dr.Archana K.Chowdhary Dr.Keerti K.ChowdharySearch and Research Vol-IV No.-1 pp34-42Forecasting of river discharge using ANN
4Mr.Nitin JoshiJournal of Hydro-Env. Res. 7, pp 61-71 Stochastic numerical method for analysis of solute transport in fractured porous media
5Mr.Ashish NimVSRD International JournalsA study on ferrocement concrete composite
6Ms.Shruti AminIJETAESeismic behavior of building having flat slabs with drops.
7Mr.Vijjay Baradiya Mr. Amit SharmaInternational Journal of Latest Trends in Engineering and Technology(IJLTET)“Pushover Analysis of 4 Story’s Reinforced Concrete Buildins”
8Mr.Nitin JoshiDO110.1007/s00704-013-1013yLong-term historic changes in climatic variables of Betwa Basin, India
9Mr.Vijay BaradiyaInternational Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) ISSN:2278-0181Optimization of Welded Steel Plate Girder using Genetic Algorithm
10Mrs.Swatilekha Guha BodhInternational Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology (IJEIT) ISSN:2277-3754Modeling of Reinforce Concrete Folded Plate Structures for Seismic Evaluation
11Mr.Nitin JoshiJournal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 1 (2013) 1099-1107Parameter identification of virus transport in porous media using equilibrium and non-equilibrium models
12Mr.Vijay BaradiyaInt.J.Struct.& Civil Engg. Res.2014Cracked Width Pattern Analysis Using Different grade of Steel and Concrete
13Mr.Amit DuebyInt. Journal of Engineering Research and Applications Regional Flood Frequency Analysis Utilizing L-Moments : A Case Study of Narmada Basin
14Ashish NimVSRD, International Journal of Mechanical, Civil, Automobile and Production Engineering, Vol.IV Issue II Experimental Investigation on Properties of Concrete by Replacement of Fine Aggregate by Grinded Mixture of Plastic and Glass
15Vijay BaradiyaIOSR, Journal of Mechanical and Civil EngineeringEvaluation of the effect of lateral soil pressure on cantilever retaining wall with soil type variation
16Arpit Sethia & Vijay BaradiyaIJRET : International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology Feb-2014Experimental Investigation on Behavior of Bamboo Reinforce Concrete Member.
17Mohd.Nasim Chintan PathakInternational Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 5, Issue3, March 2014Review of Computational Approach to Finite Element Analysis of Slab.
18Aditi Patidar & Swatilekha Guha BodhVSRD International Journal of Mechanical,Civil, Automobile and Production, Vol.IV Issue III April 2014A Study on Non Linear Static Analysis of Waffle Slab Using Pushover.
19Sonam Yadav & Ashish NimVSRD International Journal of Mechanical,Civil, Automobile and Production, Vol.IV Issue III April 2014Pushover Analysis A Tool For Non-Linear Analysis of Structure.
20Vijay BaradiyaIOSR, Journal of Mechanical and Civil EngineeringEffect of Structural Wall Indexes for 5 Storey Reinforce Concrete Building
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