Department Expert Lecture Organized

15/17/2016“Fifth generation Mobile Communication”Dr. Anjana Jain, Associate Prof. Dept. of EC, SGSITS, Indore
24/30/2016“Foster Soft Skills for Luminous Personality”Ms. Avinash Tuteja, Technical Analysist, Infosys Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
34/28/2016“Wireless Sensor Networks”Mr. Abuzhar Khan, ME Scholar Dept. of EC, IES IPS Academy, Indore
44/25/2016“AVR/PIC Interfacing”Mr. Rajesh Murthi, Sr. Engineer, Contrive Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Indore
53/16/2016“Scilab and its Applications”Mr. Amit Bhatt, R&D Head, RRG Software, Indore
63/11/2016“Electromagnetic Radiation by Mobile Towers”Dr. A. K. Nigam, DGM, BSNL,Bhopal
73/11/2016“PID Controller Design & Tunning”Dr. Pankaj Swarnkar, Associate Prof. Dept. of EE, MANIT, Bhopal
810/16/2015“Basic of Communication”Dr. Raksha Upadhyay,Associate Prof. Dept. of EC, IET DAVV, Indore
910/14/2015 “Satellites and their Applications”Mr. Rajiv R. Chetwani, Division Head, SoftwareQuality Assurance Division, System Reliability Group, ISRO
1010/14/2015“Trends in Research”Dr. Sanjeev Tokekar, Director, IET DAVV, Indore
115/6/2015“Mobile Communication”BSNL Team Members, BSNL Training Center, Indore
124/3/2015“CMOS Technology”Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, Aluminee Dept of EC,IES IPS Acdemy, Indore
133/27/2015“Traffic Management in Wireless Communication”Dr. Rakesh Singhai, Professor, UIT, RGPV, Bhopal
143/27/2015“Cooperative Communication”Dr. Aditya Trivedi, Associate Prof., AVB IIITM, Gwalior
151/4/2015“Minimal Realization of Logic Function”Dr. T.S. Rathore, Ex. Prof. IIT, Bombay
1611/18/2014“Filter Design FIR”Dr. Rajesh Bodade,Associate Prof. Dept. of EC, MCTE, MHOW
1711/17/2014“Filter Design IIR”Dr. Rajesh Bodade,Associate Prof. Dept. of EC, MCTE, MHOW
1811/1/2014“Digital Signal Processing”Dr. Rajesh Bodade,Associate Prof. Dept. of EC, MCTE, MHOW
1910/31/2014“Image Registration”Dr. K.V. Arya,Associate Prof., AVB IIITM, Gwalior
2010/31/2014“Entrepreneurship”Mrs. Ruby.S. Malhotra,Excutive Director, Kailtech Test & Research Center Pvt. Ltd., Indore
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