Expert Lecture Delivered

1Prof. R. C. Dubey11/9/2015Acropolis Institute of TechnologyLatest Trend in CMOS Technology
2Prof. R. C. Dubey10/18/2015 BK Birla Inst. Of Engg. & Tech.,pilani Cmos Scaling challenges & remedial measures
3Prof. R. C. Dubey10/1/2015SGSITS, IndoreMixed/Analog VLSI Design
4Prof. R. C. Dubey8/20/2015Prestige Inst. Of Engg. & ScienceSolid State Devices
5Prof. R. C. Dubey10/23/2013Sanghavi Inst. of Management and ScienceTrends in VLSI
6Prof. R. C. Dubey8/26/2013IES College of Technology, BhopalTrends in Microelectronics
7Prof. R.C. Dubey3/17/2013SKIT JaipurExpert talk on “Technological Developments in Micro Electronics” in National Conference on “Advancement in Microelectronics
8Prof. R. C. Dubey3/16/2013SKIT, Jaipur National ConferenceRecent Trends in VLSI Technology
9Prof. R. C. Dubey3/10/2013SGSITS, IndoreVLSI Technical Trends & Trends in Microelectronics
10Prof. R.C. Dubey9/29/2012Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science IndoreExpert talk on “Recent Advancement in Embedded System and VLSI Design”
11Prof. R. C. Dubey9/28/2012Sanghavi Inst. of Management and Science VLSI Technical Trends
12Prof. R. C. Dubey9/20/2012Sanghavi Inst. of Management and Science Traffic Control System
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