Department Expert Lecture Organized

111/10/2017Holistic Development & Role of Technology : A proposalDr. Rajneesh Arora, Ex- Vice Chancellor,Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar
23/29/2017ISI Standard testing of motorsProf. B M Sharma SGSITS Indore
311/12/2016Application of power electronics in power systemMr. Yashpal Singh,Senior scientist in RRCAT Indore
44/30/2016Industrial Application and Scope in Electrical & Electronics SystemsMr. Rajesh Murthy
510/16/2015Extra High Voltage AC/DC TransmissionDr. A. G. Kothari
68/2/2015Application of MicrocontrollerMr. Rajesh Murthy
73/12/2015Microprocessor & Microcontroller"Mr. Rajesh Murthy CEO Contrive Technologies "
810/8/2014Modern Trends in Power ElectronicsDr. Shailendra Jain, MNIT Bhopal
95/29/2014"Fundamentals of Power Electronics"Mr. Anil Thipse
103/15/2014How & why of BE ProjectsDr. Prachi Gharpure
119/3/2013"Application of Power Electronis & Automation"Mr. Vivek Ghodgaonkar
123/21/2013Third world New issues In P.S.Dr. S.C.Choube
133/21/2013Modern trend in Power ElectronicsMr.P.P Reddy
148/2/2012Energy Environment Problem facingDr. D.P. Kothari
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