Department Workshop Organized

19/10/20169/10/2016Current Trends in Fire Fighting Operations
24/9/20164/9/2016Liquefied Natural Gas Safety
33/9/20163/9/2016Nuclear Safety & Radioactive Materials
49/23/20149/25/2014Resque Techniques & Operation in Natural Disater(Civil Defence, Indore)
59/6/20149/6/2014Disaster Management
68/23/20148/23/2014Fire Prevention and Protection Measure
74/19/20144/19/2014Safety Management
84/5/20144/5/2014Fixed Fire Fighting Installation
93/25/20143/27/2014First Aid Paramedic
1011/17/201111/18/2011Recent Trends in Industrial Fire Prevention and Safety
1111/19/201011/20/2010Overview of Industrial Accidents Prevention in Present Scenario
1211/20/200911/21/2009Importance of Industrial Engineering in Safety Management
139/10/20079/11/2007Fire Protection & Industrial Safety
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