Technical Education is the most potential instrument for socio-economic change. Presently, the engineer is seen as a high-tech player in the global market. Distinct separation is visible in our education between concepts and applications. Most areas of technology now change so rapidly that there is a need for professional institutes to update the knowledge and competence.

Institute of Engineering and Science, IPS Academy is a leading, premium institution devoted to imparting quality engineering education since 1999. The sustained growth with constant academic brilliance achieved by IES is due to a greater commitment from management, dynamic leadership of the president, academically distinctive and experienced faculty, disciplined students and service oriented supporting staff.

The Institute is playing a key role in creating and ambiance for the creation of novel ideas, knowledge, and graduates who will be the leaders of tomorrow. The Institute is convinced that in order to achieve this objective, we will need to pursue a strategy that fosters creativity, supports interdisciplinary research and education. This will also provide the students with an understanding and appreciation not only of the process of knowledge creation, but also of the process by which technology and knowledge may be used to create wealth as well as achieve social economic goals.

I am delighted to note that the engineering graduates of this institute have been able to demonstrate their capable identities in different spheres of life and occupied prestigious position within the country and abroad. The excellence of any institute is a measure of achievements made by the students and faculty.

All the Best.

Dr. Archana Keerti Chowdhary

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