Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Cell




Entrepreneurship is vibrant assertion of the facts that individual can be developed, outlook can be changed and their ideas can be converted into action though on organized systematic program for entrepreneurs. It was also felt that systematic training can be given Entrepreneurship Development is one of the core competencies of technical human resource. Creating awareness regarding entrepreneurial traits, entrepreneurial support system, opportunity identification, project report preparation and understanding of legal and managerial aspects can be helpful in motivating technical stream students to start their own small scale business. Keeping in this view, Institute of Engineering and Science IPS Academy Indore in collaboration with The National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of science & Technology (DST), Government of India took the initiative.

Under the banner of DST Institute has been organized workshop for students in association with IIT Kharagpur on 18th Oct.2012 also one faculty development program on “Entrepreneurship” had organized on 18th to 21st Oct 2012.

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The Business Incubator (BI) at IES IPS ACADEMY, Madhya Pradesh is intended to serve as a laboratory to launch new start-ups in emerging domains with a distinctive local context i.e. Madhya Pradesh Focus. IES IPS ACADEMY is a premier technical institution in Madhya Pradesh attracting the best engineering talent which is committed to start companies generating revenue and creating local employment opportunities. Creating a vibrant start-up ecosystem in Madhya Pradesh will play a key role in ushering in progress in the region which has had a turbulent past. The setting up of the BI at IES IPS ACADEMY is well-aligned with IES IPS ACADEMY’s objectives of providing thought and technical leadership besides creating significant value for all stakeholders.


• To seed, nurture and incubate ten entrepreneurial ventures in the broad domains of engineering, services, software development, education and training among others.
• To create and promote entrepreneurial culture within IES IPS ACADEMY and the surrounding eco-system.
• To provide guidance and mentoring to budding entrepreneurs and help take their  ideas to market


Information Technology, Technical Training’s and Workshops, Electronic Applications, Mobile Applications.Innovative Ideas related to domains of Engineering and Allied Industries, Bio- Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology and Nano-Technology. However, any other Products or Processes which are Innovative in nature, not limiting to the domains mentioned above, can also apply for funding.


Training’s and Workshops, Entrepreneurship Boot camp, Business Plan Preparation, Market Survey, Operational Plan Formulation, Review and Monitoring, IT tools training, Reporting and Compliance.


The scheme aims at nurturing innovative business ideas (new and/or ingenious technology, processes, products, etc.) which could be commercialized in a year. Level of Funding: About Rs – 4 Lakh to 8 Lakh per Innovative Business Idea. Click here for all the details regarding the scheme.


Anybody (Individual/Micro and Small Enterprises) having innovative business idea can apply. 10 Ideas whose expectations meet the Objectives/Guidelines of the Scheme, will be shortlisted for approval by the Management Committee at the MSME-TBI at IPS ACADEMY. The Incubate Application format can be obtained from the website of the institution: or from website of DC-MSME. Incompletely filled Incubate Applications will be rejected.


Innovators/Researchers/Entrepreneurs with concise abstracts about their Business Ideas and Business Plans on  commercialization may send their proposal on with subject title “Proposal for TBI” or may approach, CRIE, IES IPS ACADEMY. An Innovators camp will be conducted in the first week of November, 2016 at IPS ACADEMY where the aspirant Innovators will have to present their Innovative Ideas to the local screening committee of MSME-TBI, IPS ACADEMY. Click here for the application format.