Chemical engineering has to do with industrial processes in which raw materials are changed or separated into useful products. The chemical engineer must develop and design both the complete process and the equipment required; section of proper raw materials; operating the plants efficiently, safely and economically; & ensures that the products meet the requirements of the customers.

The professional stature of an engineer depends on skill in utilizing all sources of information to reach practical solutions to processing problems. The plethora of scientific and technical knowledge inherent in the profession makes them very much versatile.

The variety of processes and industries that call for the services of chemical engineers is enormous. Products of concern range from commodity chemicals like Sulphuric acid and Chlorine to high-technology items like polymeric lithographic supports for the electronic industry, high-strength composite materials, and genetically modified biochemical agents.

Versatile nature of chemical engineering branch not only give chance to work in industries like refineries, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, paints, mining, equipment design etc. but also qualitative control of industrial waste water.

Courses Offered:-

1. UG – B.E./B.Tech in Chemical Engineering
2. PG – M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering

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