Minor B.Tech: At IPS Academy, Institute of Engineering and Science, Indore pursue two branches of engineering together

IPS Academy, Institute of Engineering & Science, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, is one of the first private autonomous institutes to introduce the new minor degree programme in undergraduate B. Tech courses proposed by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

The programme allows students to opt for a minor degree offered by a different engineering department while pursuing a major B.Tech degree in one department.

In February 2020, the technical education regulator AICTE announced that universities can offer minor specializations in “emerging areas”. AICTE’s proposal included emerging fields such as artificial intelligence and cyber security. IPS Academy, Institute of Engineering & Science, an autonomous institution set up by the state, introduced it in July 2020.

B.Tech: Minor

The minor degree at IPS Academy, Institute of Engineering & Science, Indore allows students to opt for a minor degree, fifth semester onwards. For example a student of B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering can opt for a minor degree, say, in Computer Science & Engineering, by completing the required credits, from fifth semester onwards.

“Every department offers minor degrees. Students can opt for minor degrees from the fifth semester. A separate certificate will be issue for minor degree.

The minor system is expected to boost employability. “Minors are very good courses which are required for getting jobs. If a student is from mechanical engineering, his minor in computer engineering can help them get a job. They will be getting additional skills,”

Autonomous institutes are free to develop their own syllabus for any minor degree, the AICTE says in its handbook, although the regulator has framed a model curriculum to guide that effort and standardize quality.

The minor degree is a new initiative; it may be subject to changes. “It will be a dynamic list, based on how it goes. Every year we will make changes. This is the first time we are introducing it. Depending on what we learn from the experience, we can change the list.

However, the minor degree option will not be available for all students. IPS Academy, Institute of Engineering & Science, Indore requires regular students to have a minimum semester grade point average (SGPA) of 6.5 in every semester without backlog to be allowed to opt for a minor degree. This decision was taken to ensure a minimum academic quality. If the student is unable to finish the credits on time they won’t get the degree.