“Being alumni is not just a title, but a lifelong commitment

to the growth and success of the institution.”

An alumni association  is an association of former students (alumni). These associations often organize social events, publish newsletters or magazines, and raise funds for the organization. Many provide a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates. Additionally, such groups often support new alumni, and provide a forum to form new friendships and business relationships with people of similar background.

IPS Academy Institute of Engineering & Science  recognizes alumni who have distinguished themselves through their work and done the institute proud. The institute also involves the alumni in its educational and research activities, whenever possible, by inviting them to participate on its advisory boards  and Board of Studies. Our alumni has responded whole-heartedly by supporting the institute with the most generous endowments. The office of the Alumni Association is on the fourth floor of the Block A.

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