S. No Date Title/Topic No. of Participants No. of Days Organized by Department Name of Convener /  Coordinator
From To
1 07-Dec-2020 11-Dec.-2020 Rejuvenating Teaching Skills and Life Skills Management 190 5 Humanities Dr. Rekha Dhoot
2 16-Sep-2019 20-Sep-2019 Pedagogy for Effective Use of Mathematics in Engineering 55 5 Mathematics Dr. Manoj Dubey
3 28-Dec-2019 28-Dec-2019 Communication Skills for Globalization Impacts 32 1 Humanities Dr. Rekha Dhoot
4 2-Jul-2018 6-Jul-2018 “Developing Competence and Communication Skills for Global Professional Excellence” 70 5 Humanities Dr. Rekha Dhoot