The department of Physics is fully equipped with basic Engineering Physics Laboratory. The physics lab also has some advanced equipments like Foucault pendulum to show rotation of earth. It also has virtual lab facilities with high speed internet connection to view simulation of physical instruments and access remotely. Workshop also available to provide platform for enthused in making physics projects. The lab has 30 students capacity per batch. Two faculties per batch guide the students for personal attention. Students perform their experiment in groups of four students each and analyze their results. Supporting materials like lab manuals, graphs, charts and posters etc used to nurture and inculcate the students.

List of Equipments

S. No. Name of Equipment Nos.
1. Telescope Setup 1
2. Energy Band Gap Setup 1
3. Solar Cell Setup 1
4. Spectrometer Setup 4
5. Newton’s Ring Setup 2
6. Diode Characteristics Setup 2
7. R-C time constant setup 1
8. He-Ne Laser Setup 1
9. Fiber Optic Setup 1
10. Bar Pendulum Setup 1

Link for Virtual Lab Experiments in Physics:

  1. 1. To determine the refractive index of the material of a prism.



  1. 2. To determine the wavelength of main spectral lines of given mercury light with help of a transmission grating.



  1. 3. To determine the radius of curvature of given plano convex lens with the help of a plane Newton’s ring experiment.



  1. 4. To plot forward and reverse characteristics curve of P-N junction diode.



  1. 5. To determine the divergence of He-Ne Laser.



  1. 6. To find numerical aperture of a given optic fibre and hence to find its acceptance angle.



  1. 7. To verify Brewster’s law using polarizer.



  1. 8. To determine the Hall voltage and charge carrier density, in semiconductor using Hall effect experiment.



  1. 9. To plot forward and reverse characteristics curve of zener diode.