SESSION 2016-17

Concrete Cloth

S No Project Name
1 Concrete Cloth
2 Porous Paver Blocks
3 Waste to Wealth, Conversion of waste plastic into Bio plywood
4 Conversion of Bio waste banana pseudo stem into low cost paper
5 Fire Ball Launcher

Session 2015-16

S No Project Name
1 Low Cost Panel Blocks Based on Phosphogysum and Plastic Pet Bottle Wastes
2 Low Cost Tiles Using Cement-Sand-Slag Composite
3 Production of Bio-alcohol by Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
4 New era for waste water Treatment using-Advance Oxidation Method
5 Remote Operated Fire Fighter

SESSION 2014-15

S No Project Name
1 Peltier based refrigerator
2 Anti Collision Device for Cars
3 Use of Non Biodegradable Waste as an Sub base Material In Pavement
4 Manufacturing Of Eco Mortar using grinded mixtures of Non Biodegradable Waste.
5 Production of fuel from waste plastic

SESSION 2013-14

S No Project Name
1 Using E-waste as aggregate replacement in Concrete
2 Casting of bricks using mixture of grinded packaging products by replacing it with clay in varying percentage.
3 Process intensification of flotation by ionic micro bubble.
4 Waste to watts for greener future using Microbial Fuel Cell
5 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


SESSION 2012-13

S No Project Name
1 Treatment of distillery waste water by natural coagulants (Drumstick seeds).
2 Protein enrichment and extraction from agro based bagasse.
3 Glass industry waste- An asset to concrete industry.
4 Low cost building blocks A possible replacement of bricks.
5 Management of alternative energy resources.