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Swachhata  Pakhwada  was organized by IPS Academy, Institute of Engineering & Science, Department of Mathematics, during 16/01/2020  to 31/01/2020 in accordance to the guideline of Higher Education Department. Swachhata Pakhwada was organized to create the awareness about Swachh  Bharat.

In this swachhata pakhwada participants got the knowledge of how to conserve water & forest, how to keep the surroundings clean. The swachhata pakhwada successfully achieved its objective & was useful to all the participants & enhanced the awareness about cleanliness, recycling and energy conservation.

Activities conducted in Swachhata Pakhwada

S. No. Date Description
1 16/01/2020 Pledge taking ceremony.
2 17/01/2020 Plantation of saplings
3 18/01/2020 A Presentation was delivered on the topic of “waste recycling” and “energy conservation” to the students and staff.


4 20/01/2020 Awareness was raised on “Swachhata (Cleanliness) by organizing Speech, Poster making, Slogan writing competition.
5 21/01/2020 Cleanliness drive in campus of IES Academy was conducted.
6 22/01/2020 Awareness was raised on water conservation by organising speech, poster making and slogan writing completion on the issue.
7 23/01/2020 A talk show was conducted  for students on the topic “Swachhata”.
8 24/01/2020 Awareness was raised on forest conservation by organising speech, poster making & slogan writing competition on the issue.
9 25/01/2020 Cleanliness drive in hostels of IPS Academy was conducted
10 27/01/2020 Making best out of waste competition.
11 28/01/2020 Special drive was conducted on water conservation
12 29/01/2020 Village activity was conducted  with the participation of students. The sessions were delivered to school students to stop using single use plastics, maintaining personal hygiene & keeping surroundings clean.
13 30/01/2020 The Report on village visit by students were presented
14 31/01/2020 The winners of slogan writing, poster making, speech and Making best out of waste were awarded. A presentation on innovative technologies for waste recycling and conservation of energy was delivered to enhance the importance of the swacchata pakhwada.