S. No. Date Title/Topic No. of Participants No. of Days Organized by Department Name of Convener / Coordinator
From To
1 06-June-20 11-June-20 Interpersonal Skills (Enrichment Program) 5 Humanities Dr. Rekha Dhoot
2 15-May-20 16-May-20 Advance Mathematics and its Application in Engineering 224 2 Mathematics Dr. Manoj Dubey
3 4-Sep-18 8-Sep-18 Recent trends in Mathematics & its Applications in Different Engineering Fields 147 5 Mathematics Dr. Naresh Berwal
4 11-Nov-16 12-Nov-16 Mathematical Modeling & Its Applications 170 2 Mathematics Dr. Naresh Berwal
5 8-Oct-15 5-Dec-15 Technical Communication 40 12 Mathematics Dr. Naresh Berwal