16th September is celebrated as World Ozone Day to create awareness among people regarding importance of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. With this idea keep in mind IPS Academy, Institute of Engineering & Science, Department of General Engineering organizes Poster Competition, every year in the month of September.

Objectives of  Event:

(1) To encourage students to exhibit their knowledge, presentation skills and innovative ideas.

(2) To create social and environmental awareness among students.

(3) To understand the different processes that destroys ozone in the Earth’s atmosphere.

(4) To develop an understanding of the global trend towards ozone depletion, recovery and enlighten how citizens can help to reduce ozone depletion.

Details of Poster competitions organized are as follows:

S.No. Date No. of Participants No. of Days Organized by Department
From To
1 14/09/2019 14/09/2019 224 1 Chemistry
2 18/09/2017 18/09/2017 60 1 Chemistry
3 18/09/2016 18/09/2016 50 1 Chemistry