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Notes of all subjects

S.No. SEM Subject Topic links
1 IV IPT Unit IV


Industrial production of cement: Dr. B. Bhattacharjee, IIT Delhi

Industrial gases: oxygen and nitrogen: Dr. Madhuri Goyal, University of Delhi


Unit V


Industrial production of Bromine


Industrial production of iodine: Prof. Debashis Ray, IIT KGP


Industrial production of glass: Prof. Debashis Ray, IIT KGP


Industrial production of inorganic pigments: Prof. Debashis Ray, IIT KGP


Soap and detergent


2 IV Fuel Tech Following are the links of Petroleum and petroleum technology



Gaseous Fuel


Lecture on renewable Energy

3 IV Fluid Mechanics
4 VI Mass Transfer
5 VI Process Equipment Design-I Design of Head 1


Design of Head 2


Design of Head 3


Compensation for Openings 1


Compensation for Openings 2


6 Vi Chemical Process Control

8 VIII Process Piping design unit-3 and unit-4.
9 II BEEE Unit-3 Magnetic Circuit and Transformer

Magnetising Current from B-H Curve

Ideal Transformer, Dot Convention and Phasor Diagram

Operation of Ideal Operation with Load Connected

Equivalent Circuit of Ideal Transformer

Rating of Single Phase Transformer: Rated Current and Rated Voltage with Example

Modelling of Practical Transformer – I

Modelling of Practical Transformer – II

Modelling of Practical Transformer – III

Core Loss – Eddy Current Loss

Factors on Eddy Current Loss Depends
Hysteresis Loss

Exact Equivalent Circuit

Approximate Equivalent Circuit

Determination of Equivalent Circuit Parameters – No Load Test

Short Circuit Test

Choosing Sides to Carry Out O.C / S.C Test

Efficiency of Transformer – Losses

Efficiency (Contd.)

Condition for Maximum Efficiency When Load Power Factor Constant


Unit-4 DC Machine


DC Machines Part 2

DC Generators

Induction motor

Induction motor part 2

Induction motor Part 3

Induction motor

Part 4

Synchronous Motor

Unit-5 Number System

Combinational Logic Basics

Combinational Circuits

Introduction to Sequential Circuits

S-R,J-K and D Flip Flops


Transistor Operation-Part-1

Transistor Operation-Part-2

Biasing the BJT

1. Energy & Environmental Engineering

unit-1 unit-2 unit-3-noise unit-3 unit-4-water-pollution unit-5

2. Chemical process modeling and simulation


3. Fluid Mechanics