Agriculture engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the manufacture, design and improvement of agricultural equipment and machinery used in the agricultural sector. Students skilled in agriculture engineering design new and sophisticated agricultural equipment that work more efficiently. The major role of agriculture engineers is to improve agricultural production through better engineering methods, inventions, technology and equipment, leading to better crop production and better returns in farming.
Aspirants who have passion for integrating traditional farming practices with modern technology should definitely choose this stream. In the coming years, the demand for agriculture engineers is likely to increase significantly.
Agriculture Engineering is a 4-year’s undergraduate course that focuses on the engineering discipline that applies engineering science and technology to agricultural processing and production. This course combining the various disciplines of Mechanical, Civil,  Environmental, Electrical, Electronics and Chemical Engineering to improve the efficiency of farms and agribusiness enterprises as well as to ensure sustainability of natural and renewable resources. In this course subjects include principles of agriculture, horticulture, field crops, surveying and leveling, basic of agriculture engineering, farm machinery and soil mechanics. The principal objective of this course is to promote the students within the scope of basic and engineering sciences that can be helpful to solve critical agriculture related problems.
Career Prospects in Agriculture Engineering – India is an agricultural country. This means that a huge contribution to the country's economy comes from the agriculture sector. Agriculture field is being considered as a huge source of employment in today's era, especially for the youth who are studying from streams like Agriculture Engineering.


1. UG – B.E./B.Tech in Agriculture Engineering


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