Agriculture Engineering is the most potential instrument for socio-economic change. Presently, the engineer is seen as a high-tech player in the global market. Distinct separation is visible in our education between concepts and applications. Most areas of technology now change so rapidly that there is a need for professional institutes to update the knowledge and competence.
IPS Academy, Institute of Engineering and Science is a leading, premium autonomous institution devoted to imparting quality engineering education since 1999. The sustained growth with constant academic brilliance achieved by Institute is due to a greater commitment from management, dynamic leadership of the president, academically distinctive and experienced faculty, disciplined students and service oriented supporting staff.
Department has a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty, excellent infra structure and lab facilities. The department has laboratory and workshop facilities with state-of-the-art equipment to carry out research in all areas related to Agriculture Engineering.
I welcome you to the Agriculture Engineering department and be a part of our journey towards nation building.