The First Year Engineering course is implemented by the Department of Engineering, Applied Sciences, and Humanities in order to establish a solid foundation in Core Engineering and Engineering Sciences. During the first year, the environment changes from a regular school setting to a professional engineering setting.

An excellent infrastructure in terms of well-equipped laboratories, ICT enabled classrooms supported by highly qualified staff provides students with an environment beneficial for studying. We truly think that everyone can succeed if they are given the proper guidance and assistance. In keeping with this vein of thinking, we faculty members assume the role of friend, philosopher, and mentor to students. Every student has a mentor teacher assigned to them. As a result, the faculty plays a crucial role in the general growth and achievement of the students. The majorities of the faculty members are actively engaged in research and have completed their doctorates.

Students are given the chance to engage in a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities in addition to their academic studies. National level events are held with students actively participating in tree planting, health check-ups, blood donation drives, visits to orphanages, rural outreach, NCC, NSO, and other activities to instill social values in them. Additionally, a number of student organizations offer a venue for the ongoing development of fresh talent and the igniting of their enthusiasm for engineering sciences. The greatest platform for students to explore and succeed in all facets of life is provided here. As part of the IPS Academy-Institute of Engineering & Science’s purpose, the department encourages students to make use of these resources.

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Sharad Shukla

Coordinator General Engineering

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