S No Name Date Organized By Topic
1 Deepesh Bhati 28-Feb-16 MP Council of Science & Technology, Bhopal One Cycle Controlled Techniques to Eliminate Total harmonics Distotion Factor in Single Phase Inverter
2 Dr. Aditya Tiwary 14-15 – May- 2007 National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (H.P) Harmonics Analysis in Electrical And Electronics Devices & systems
3 Dr. Aditya Tiwary 23-24 – March-  2007 MIT Manipal Virtual Instrumentation
4 Dr. Aditya Tiwary 13-14- November-2007 Jabalpur Engineering Collage, Jabalpur Modeling of BLDC Motor in PSIM
5 Dr. Aditya Tiwary 27 Nov – 3 Dec – 2009 DAVV Indore Programmable Logic Controllers –A Survey and Study
6 Dr. Aditya Tiwary Jul-05 Modeling and Simulation of BLDC motor using soft computing techniques
7 Dr. Aditya Tiwary 16-17 – Feb- 2012 UIT-RGPV, Bhopal Reliability Assessment and Enhancement of an Induction motor using Fault Tree and Event tree Analysis
8 Dr. Aditya Tiwary Reliability Enhancement considering Failure of Power system Equipment
9 Dr. Aditya Tiwary 20-22- March – 2012 MIT Mandsaur A technique for basic reliability indices enhancement for radial distribution system
10 Dr. Aditya Tiwary Development of Equivalencing Technique for Determination of Voltage Stable States in Power System
11 Dr. Aditya Tiwary Reliability enhancement of a multiend series system using random jump method
12 Dr. Aditya Tiwary Reliability assessment and enhancement of binding insulation protection system of induction motor using FTA and ETA
13 Dr. Aditya Tiwary Reliability indices evaluation of radial distribution system accounting outage due to overloading and repair time omission
14 Dr. Aditya Tiwary 12-14 – December –  2012 Indian Institute of Technology- Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi Reliability indices evaluation of a distributor with fixed repair time omission using Monte Carlo simulation
15 Dr. Aditya Tiwary 15-16- March – 2013 National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra Application of non-parametric bootstrap technique for evaluating MTTF and reliability of a complex network with non-identical component failure laws
16 Dr. Aditya Tiwary 05-Oct-13 JIT, Borawan Design and Implementation of a GSM based Fan controller
17 Dr. Aditya Tiwary Design and Implementation of GSM based Missile Launcher switch
18 Dr. Aditya Tiwary 17 – 19 – July -2017 Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Indore A strategy for obtaining optimum duration between preventive maintenance against dormant failure modes of distribution system employing modified shuffled-frog leaping algorithm
19 Dr. Aditya Tiwary Availability optimization of Roy Billinton test system (RBTS) based on Inspection–Repair model using Teaching Learning based Optimization
20 Dr. Aditya Tiwary 6-8 – Dec – 2017 Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, India Inspection repair based availability optimization of distribution system using bare bones particle swarm optimization ”, 2017
21 Dr. Aditya Tiwary 23-24 – Dec –  2017 Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bhubaneswar, India Inspection-maintenance based availability optimization of feeder section using particle swarm optimization