Dr. Manish Sahajwani

Our Country is passing through a critical phase of growth. If you take an over view of this growth, we find that we are developing new energy dimension and electrical energy plays the most vital part in total energy context. In fact, electricity is taking the role of indispensable energy form of our daily life. Ours is the sixth largest country in terms of global energy consumption. The last decades of economic growth of our country has brought an unprecedented demand for energy.

The installed electrical generating capacity of our country stands at 162366 Megawatts in 2010, and is projected to be 950000 MW by 2030. This large scale use of electrical energy will definitely demand a large team of electrical engineers to manage its use. All the same there is continuous pressure of balancing our ecology especially in context to global warming. This is forcing to ensure efficient use of electrical energy. Electronic power control is offering new tools in management of electrical energy.

Electrical and Electronics engineering together is a dedicated branch of engineering to fulfill all challenges of electrical energy futures.

Dr. Manish Sahajwani
Assoc. Professor & Head

Electrical & Electronics Engineering
IPS Academy, 
Institute of Engineering & Science, Indore (MP)