Laboratory Details


Existing Laboratories
Special Fire Hazard Fire Fighting & Safety Equipments
Paramedic Industrial Hygiene Lab
Safety Engineering Lab Heavy Vehicle Automobile Engg. & Safety Lab
Material Handling Lab Rescue Equipment Lab
Auto cad Lab Workshop
Drill Ground —————
Major Equipments Available
Fire Helmet(EC) Fire Resistance Material Sample (Arm tax) DCP Fire Extinguisher 5kg
Soda Acid Fire extinguisher9Ltr.(Empty) Diffuser Online Indictor
Copper Long Branch Face Mask with Canister(Super-53) B.A.Set (Rescue)
Asbestos Apron N.R.V. Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher 1.25kg(Hallow on)
FB -5X Complete Aluminum Fire Suit Face Mask Glass With canister
ABC DCP Fire Extinguisher 10kg. Copper Short Branch Coupling Set (Thermoprotective)
Safety Belt (Different Type) Fire Bell Londan Short Branch(Red)
Fire Fighting Suit (proximate yellow) Fire Extinguisher 3kg. Stored Pressure (Blue) Resucator
CO2 Fire Extinguisher 4.5kg Pressure Gage Nozzle Navy Cut
FB-5X (Old) Fog Branch Revolving Branch
Triple Action Branch Hydraulic Jack (2 ton capacity ) Asbestos Shoes
Fire hose pipe 63mmdia 15 meter length Heat Detector Making false ceiling for Installation Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Water Monitor Class- BC DCP type Fire Extinguisher 25kg capacity Trolley Mounted with Co2 cylinder Aluminum Fire Suit
Aluminum Suit Complete Mechanical Foam type Fire Extinguisher 50litter capacity Trolley Mounted Rescue suit yellow (Fire Fighting suit)
Oxygen Cylinder Trolley With Mask Leslie Joseph (Dragger) Wheel Chair
Respiratory System (Model) Human Skeleton Size With Stand Allen key set (3mm-12mm)
Box Spanner Set (6mm-20mm) Double Ended Fix Spanner Set (6mm-32mm) Pipe Diesel ½,” ¾,1″
Dial Gauge Feeler Gauge Set Pipe Wrenches 14″
Pipe Wrenches 8″ Pipe Wrenches 12″ Puller 150mm
Thread Gauge – Metric Set Pipe Vice Micrometer
Ring Spanner Set 5mm-25mm Mechanical Jack 11/2 Ton Capacity Gear Box Marshal (TATA)1210
Petrol Metter level gauge Diesel Filer Filer Jali
Filer cover Wheel hub truck Dynamo Gear
Gear Universal Rode Connecting Rode
Air cleaner Gear Pump Wheel Chukdi
Diesel Nozzle Diesel Pumping Compressor old
Piston Dynamo Valve
Carburetor Gears box with shaft Cylinder head
Shock observer Hub Axle Crown Wheel
Clutch plate Clutch plate Box Deferential
Tepid Shaft Crank Shaft Cylinder Liner
Radiator Liner Mini truck Engine Ambassador Engine set
Silencer Safety goggle Radio active goggle
Welding goggle Face Shield Cotton Metti Mask
Sretchers Laerdal Baxa Trap Canister Black Canister Red
Canister Purple Canister green Nose Mask Venus LPR90
Drum Mask Venus V-7 DMP Compressed Air BA Set Dragger
Work Shop suit Proximate suit (Unitor) B.P. Apparatus
Stethoscope Hair Dryer (Super 1800Joshnson) Toxic Gas Leak Suit
Human skeleton Safety Goggle for Grinding Eye wash Bottle
BA Set Fitting with out cylinder Chemical suit orange Self Contained Oxygen Breathing Apparatus
BC Type Fire Extinguisher (5kg) Folding Stretcher Tagadi Helmet
Drawing Board Distill Water Aqua pure Funnel(Borosil) 6140- 750mm
Hydrometer (Lien co) Patient Bed With Curtain Burn Injury Stretcher
Test Sieves (Jayant) Thermometer Viscometer Glass
Pathology Portion With Cover Boiler Suit Disposal Suit
Air Lifting Bags Candle Power Spot Light Heavy Quality PVC Suit With Hood
Acid Alkalipoof pvc gum Boot Venus Nose Mask For Chemical Protection Full Face Mask For Chemical Protection
PVC Supported Hand Gloves Heavy Quality Neoprene Hand Gloves Shock Proof Hand Gloves at15 KVA
Combustible gas Detection Monitoring System Emergency life Support Apparatus First Aid Box with Medicine
Hydrogen Sulphide Indicator Stretcher Aluminum Full Face mask with Canister for Chemical
Gas Mask with case Canister full mask Chemical Protective Fire Suite
M.S.A air Mask Respirator Thermo-Protective
Radio Active Jacket P.V.C Apron Yellow Helmets
Fire Axe Electrical Fire Hook Fire Beater
Expander Asbestos Suit With Hood Aluminum Ladder Extension Arrangement
CO2 4.5KG Fire Ext. Rubber Hammer Mallet Aluminum Fire Suit
Cutter Red Colour Flap With Pole Shower
Pullie (Large ) Cold Suit Proximate Suit pvc
Work Shop Suit D C P Fire Ext 10Kg Branch Spanner For Suction Hose
AFFF Mech. Foam Ext ,9lit Water Type Ext .9 lit Ariel Branches (Long)
Ariel Branches (Medium) Aluminum Ladder (Small) Fire Axe Big
Fire Axe Small Oxy Acetylene Cutting Set Drawing Board
CO2 Old Cut Piece 22.Kg Fire Ext. Pump House Water Flow Meter Cutter Belt
L.P.G Cylinder With Gas Partially LPG pipe line with Valve LPG Sphere
Ladder With Rope Spade (phavda) Gainti (Crowbar)
Fall Arrester With Pully With Rinuptar Fall Arrester Model Tank Flouting Double
Chemical Suit Orange Chair Rescue D C P Fire Ext 10kg.
Suction gm Coper Strainer & gm Coupling CO2 4.5 Kg Cut Pica Fire Ext. Soda Acid Cut Pica 9Letrs
Hammer Hose Stools Fire Suit Stand
Model Rasmie Tower Crawling Ladder 1 unit Model Propane
Chlorine Container Wire Rope 6mm Wire Pully Of Baring