Expert Lecture Delivered

S.No. Name of Faculty Date Details of  Seminar / Workshop/FDP Proceeding and organized by Topic
1 Mr. Sourabh Jain 13/07/2020 One week Refresher Course on Virtual Lab Experiments applicable to Fire Technology & Safety Engineering Organized by Department of FT & SE IES, IPSA Introduction to Virtual Lab and its utilization.
2 Mr.Ramjee Singh Prajapati 14/07/2020 Virtual Experiments on Strength of Material Lab
3 Mr. Hemendra Patil 14/07/2020 Virtual Experiments on Strength of Material Lab
4 Dr. Sumit Bhatiya 15/07/2020 Virtual Experiment on Environmental Engg.
5 Mrs. Shalini Dwivedi 16/07/2020 Virtual Experiment on Work Study & Ergonomics
6 Mr. Vijay Kahar 17/07/2020 Virtual Experiment on Heat & Mass Transfer Lab
7 Mr. Viiay Shankul 17/07/2020 Virtual Experiment on Pumping Machinery & Fluid Mechanics
8 Dr. Aaditya Tiwary 02/12/2019 One week Refresher Course on Introduction to Research Methodology and Project Report Writing Organized by Department of FT & SE IES, IPSA Objective, Motivation, Types and Significance of Research
9 Dr. R J Lalwani 03/12/2019 Research Design and How to set Good Questionnaires in Research for Fire and Safety
10 Dr. S N Varma 04/12/2019 Testing of Hypotheses: Part-I
11 Mr. Arvind Kumar Joshi 05/12/2019 Project Report Writing
12 Dr. S N Varma 06/12/2019 Testing of Hypotheses: Part-II
13 Mr. Arvind Kumar Joshi 07/12/2019 Computer Application in Research
14 Prof. Yashwant Buke 13/05/2019 One Week Refresher Course on Computation of Occupational Health and Safety Attributes Using Advance Instruments / Apparatus. Organized by Department of FT & SE IES, IPSA Measurement of noise level at different source using integrated sound level meter
15 Prof. Manish Dubey 14/05/2019 Determination and assessment of chlorine leakage and its control using advance chlorine safety kit.
16 Prof. Yashwant Buke 15/05/2019 Determination of human lungs efficiency  by pulmonary test using spirometer
17 Prof.  Ashish Yadav 16/05/2019 Measurement of combustion energy at the fire surface using advance thermal imaging  camera
18 Prof.  Yashwant Buke 17/05/2019 Computation of chlorine concentration dissolved in swimming pool water using double beam UV-VIS spectrophotometers
19 Prof. R J Lalwani 16/07/2018 One week Refresher Course on Recent trends of Safety Techniques in Disaster. Organized by Department of FT & SE IES, IPSA Chemical and its prevention
20 Prof. N K Jain 17/07/2018 Sampling and analysis of Hazardous agent present in work place area
21 Prof. R M Choukse 18/07/2018 Prevention strategies for industrial disasters
22 Prof. S N Varma 19/07/2018 Nuclear disaster and its prevention techniques
23 Prof. Manish Dubey 20/07/2018 Preventive Techniques for Fire Disaster
24 Prof. Praveen Patel 02/08/2017 Workshop, Organized by School of Architecture, IPS Academy Indore Model Fire and Life Safety Requirements in Different Types of Occupancies
25 Prof. R M Choukse 18/12/2017 One week Refresher Course on “Industrial Safety & Control of Noise and Hygiene Hazards”, Organized by Department of FT & SE IES, IPSA Safety Requirement in Industries Involving Hazardous Processes
26 Prof. R J Lalwani 19/12/2017 Industrial Noise Control Techniques
27 Prof. S N Varma 20/12/2017 Safety Features in Nuclear Power Plants (CANDU)
28 Prof. Praveen Patel 21/12/2017 Dispersion and Toxic Release application in On-Site Emergency Plan
29 Prof. N K Jain 22/12/2017 Basic Concept of Industrial Hygiene and Factors of Stresses
30 Prof. S N Verma 09/03/2016 IES,IPS Academy Indore Fundamentals of Nuclear Power Plant
31 Prof. Praveen Patel 20/05/2015 School of Energy Management DAVV, Indore Fire Prevention and Protection
32 Prof. R.M. Choukse 10/04/2015 Govt. Holkar Science College, Indore Occupational Safety & Health guidelines for Chemical & QC labs
33 Prof. Praveen Patel 20/03/2015 Ujjain Engineering College, Ujjain Source and Dispersion Modeling of Hazardous Materials in Chemical Industries
34 Prof. R.M. Choukse 09/02/2015 Radisson Hotel, Indore Hazop & Hazard studies in Chemical Industries.
35 Prof. Praveen Patel 22/04/2014 IES Institute of Technology & Management, Bhopal Fire Protection Systems
36 Prof. R.M. Choukse 24/01/2014 Govt. Holkar Science College, Indore Industrial Safety
37 Prof. R.M. Choukse 04/12/2013 IET, DAVV, Indore Industrial Disasters
38 Prof. Manish Dubey 31/12/2010 Crompton Greaves Limited, Pithampur Basic Fire Fighting
39 Prof. Praveen Patel 12/04/2010 Gujrati College, Indore “fire and its importance”
40 Prof. Praveen Patel 31/10/2009 Shri Vaishnav Polytechnic College Indore. “fire and its importance”
41 Mr. Praveen Patel 07/02/2009 Civil Engineering Department of IES IPS Academy “Design of Fire Fighting System in High Rise Building”