Expert Lectures

S. No. Topic Date-Month-Year Resource Person with designation
1. Process Safety Management in Hydrocarbon Industry 24/06/2020 Mr. Vinayak Shukla, Manager HSE, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited. Vadodra Gujarat
2. Infection, Prevention and Control COVID-19 during examination for Students and Faculties 12/06/2020 Dr. Subodh Chaturvedi, Chief Anesthesiologist Mohak Bariatrics and Robotics, Member of Administration team to manage COVID-19
3. Government Schemes and Available Financial Assistance on Entrepreneurship in Present Scenario 08/11/2019 Mr. Satyam Joshi, Trainer and Life Coach, Ms. Shree office of life Coach Satyam Josh, Indore (M.P)
4. Present Perspective in Entrepreneurship and its Challenges 08/11/2019 Mr. Jitendra Rajaram Verma, Founder & CEO, E Café Venture, Coach and Consultant, Indore (M.P)


5. How to become a Successful Entrepreneur-Own Case Study 07/11/2019 Mr. Anurag Agarawal, Founder & CEO, Jawabdo, Business Coach and Consultant, Indore (M.P)




Idea Generation and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs Identification of Opportunities 07/11/2019 Mr. Vikas Singh, Founder & CEO, Vaidik Solution, Business Coach and Consultant, Indore (M.P)
7. Droplet-based micro fluidics for cancer research 14/02/2019 Dr. Valerie Taly Director of Center for Molecular Genetics university of Paris Descartes, France
8. Micro fluidic devices with

big potential

14/02/2019 Dr. J Ponmozhi, Assoc. Professor, Mechanical Engineering, IPS Academy Institute of Engg. & Sc. Indore (M.P.)
9. An interdisciplinary approach for the development of additive

manufacturing hybrid Processes.

15/02/2019 Dr. Antonio torres Marques, Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engg. & Industrial Management.Faculdade do Universidade do Porto, Portugal
10. Control in Capillary Filling Dynamics The role of Contact Line Motion. 15/02/2019 Dr. Pranab K mondal,  Asst. Prof. Mechanical Engineering, IIT Guwahati.
11. Elevator Safety & its Basics 11/08/2018 Mr. Manoj Thakre, Assistant Manager Service  Otis Elevator Company India Ltd., Indore (M.P.)
12. Material Handling and Automatic Guided Machines 11/08/2018 Mr. Manoj Paliwal, EHS Head, L&T Case Equipment Pvt. Ltd., Pithampur (M.P.)
13. Practice & Performing on Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation 07/09/2018 Dr. Subodh Chaturvedi, Cardiac Anesthesiologists,Bombay Hospital, Indore (M.P.)
14. First Aid Paramedics 08/09/2018 Dr. Subodh Chaturvedi, Cardiac Anesthesiologists,Bombay Hospital, Indore (M.P.)
15. Ergonomics Safety 23/10/2018 Mr.Aditya Shrivastava HSE Manager, Cummins Turbo Technologies India Pvt Ltd., Pithampur
16. Advance Development in Personal Protective Equipments 23/10/2018 Mr. Dheraaj Sharma, Safety Consultant, Standard Equipment Pvt. Ltd.,Indore
17. Advances in Fire Technology and Safety Engineering 27/10/2018 Mr. Lalit R. Gabhane, Director General National Safety Council Mumbai
18. Idea generation and opportunities for Entrepreneurs 01/11/2018 Mr. Sathyam Joshi, Trainer and Life coach, Ms. Shree Office of Life Coach Satyam Josh , Indore  (M.P.)
19. Government Schemes and Available Financial Assistance on Entrepreneurship in Present Scenario 01/11/2018 Mr. Nilesh Trivedi, Assistant  Director MSME  Development Institute, Indore (M.P.)


20. Positioning as an Entrepreneur – Starting Your own Business 02/11/2018 Mr. Jitendra Rajaram Verma, Trainer, E cafe Venture
21. How to become a Successful Entrepreneur –Own Success Story 02/11/2018 Ms. Pooja Tallera ,Director, Infinit Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Indore (M.P.)
22. Business Creation & Venture Capitals for Entrepreneur 02/11/2018 Business Creation & Venture Capitals for  Entrepreneur, Director, Engineering & Design Service Indore (M.P.)
23. Personal Respiratory System-Use application of Breathing Apparatus 15/09/2017 Mr. Dheeraj Sharma, Safety Officer, Ruchi Group of Industries,  Indore. M.P.
24. Become a job creator instead of job searches 05/10/2017 Mr. Love Bhatnagar , Founder & CEO, Career transition academy Indore.
25. Present Perspective in Entrepreneurship and its Challenges 05/10/2017 Mr. Abdul Rauf, Administrator, Gagan Awasthi Learning Academy, Indore. M.P.
26. How to become a Successful Entrepreneur –Own Case Study 06/10/2017 Mr. Gagan Awasthi ,Managing Director, Gagan Awasthi Learning Academy, Indore.M.P.
27. Govt. Schemes and Available Financial Assistance on Entrepreneurship in Present Scenario 06/10/2017 Mrs. Aditi Mishra, Professor, IMS Indore. M.P.
28. Chemical Process Safety 09/10/2017 Mr.Ravindra Kamath, EHS Head, Arch Pharma Labs Ltd. Mumbai
29. Safety in Material Handling 09/10/2017 Mr. B. Sahu, Safety Officer, VE commercial Vehicles Ltd., Pithampur M.P.
30. Applicable Safety Rule & Regulation in LPG Bottling Plant 13/10/2017 Mr. Mahendra Raghuwanshi, Safety Officer, BPCL Bottling Plant Ujjain M.P.
31. Design Of Sprinkler & Hydrant System 13/10/2017 Mr. Lokesh Dadu, Managing Dirctor Safety Engineer & Consultant Pvt. Ltd Indore M.P.
32. Hearing Test for human using Audiometer testing procedure 02/03/2017 Dr. Prakash Pare , ESIC Indore M.P.
33. An overview of Fire Engineering and its Scope in Indian scenario 01/04/2017 Mr. U S Chillar, General Secretary Institution of Fire Engineers New Delhi
34. Nuclear Safety & Radioactive Materials 09/03/2016 Dr. Haridas G Nair Sr. Scientist RRCAT Indore
35. Fire Fighting Strategies on Board Merchant Ships 10/09/2016 Capt. Prashant  D. Kulkarni, Sr. Manager, Health Safety & Environment , Cummins Turbo  Technology India Pithampur (M.P.)
36. Current Challenges in Fire Fighting Operation at High Rise Building 10/09/2016 Mr. Rajesh Sahay , Chief Superintendent of Police, Police Fire Services, Indore (M.P.)
37. Risk Assessment & Safety Management 09/04/2016 Mr. Aditya K. Shrivastava, Sr. Manager, Health Safety & Environment, Cummins Turbo Technology Indian, Pithampur
38. Liquefied Natural Gas Safety 09/04/2016 Mr.Vivek Basirwar, Officer, HSE,  LNG Petronet Ltd., Bharuch
39. Handling Transportation and storage of Flammable Materials in Oil Terminals 17/10/2016 Mr. Satish Diwedi, Assistant Manager, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Bhopal (M.P.)
40. Current Challenges in Fire Fighting Operation 17/10/2016 Mr. Sajid Khan, Fire Officer, Bhopal Muncipal Corporation Bhopal (M.P.)
41. Work Permit System 21/10/2016 Mr. Amol Hardikar, Head-HSE, Cipla Ltd., Pithampur
42. Entrepreneurship-Introduction & Scope 10/11/2016 Mr. Sumit Sahni, ACE Training &Amp: Consultancy Corporate Trainer& Amp: Life coach Bhopal
43. Present Perspective in Entrepreneurship and its Challenges 10/11/2016 Mr. Gagan Awasthi Managing Director, Gagan Awasthi Learning Academy, Indore
44. Entrepreneurship Scope in Fire Technology & Safety Engineering 10/11/2016 Mr. Pankaj Tiwari Fire & Safety Consultant HSE Consultancy Services, Indore
45. Govt. Schemes and Available Financial Assistance on Entrepreneurship in Present scenario 11/11/2016 Mr. Tapan Mukharjee, Director,  Techforce Composite  Pvt.  Ltd. Pithampur M.P.
46. How to become a  Successful Entrepreneur- Own Case Study 11/11/2016 Mr. Siddhart Chattergee , Director,  Sri Nakoda Industries, Pithampur M.P.
47. Contribution of Near miss in Major Accident at the workplaces 12/11/2016 Mr. Manoj Paliwal Head- HSE, L&T Case Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Pithampur
48. Disaster Management 19/09/2015 Mr. Ankit Avasthy, Technical Officer, Disaster Management Institute, Bhopal
49. Introduction  of Fire Secretary Association of India (FSAI) 13/10/2015 Mr. Pankaj Tiwari, Secretary of FSAI, M.P. Sub.Chapter, Indore
50. Disaster Management 13/10/2015 Mr. B Sahoo , Head EHS, VE Commercial Vehicle,Pithampur
51. Fire Fighting & Safety in High Hazard Area 31/10/2015 Mr. Amit Saini, Scientist D  DRDO New Delhi
52. Safety in use of Pressure Vessel & Testing Methodology 03/11/2015 Mr. N.K. Maheshwari, Industrial Consultant Competent Person Under Factory Act
53. Fire Protection System in High Rise Building 07/11/2014 Shri Hemant Khadse, CEO, EAST CORP Mumbai
54. Safety in Solvent Extraction Plant 03/09/2014 Dr. J. S. Chaudhuri Managing Director, Addrest Tech. Solutions (P) Ltd., Indore
55. Passive Fire Protection System 30/08/2014 Mr. Mandeep Chabra Executive Director- MP Region, Hilti India Private Limited
56. Modern Trends and Evolution of Fire Suppression System 25/03/2014 Mr. M.M. Bhuskute Ex-Regional Head Tariff Advisory Committee, Mumbai
57. Disaster Management 13/10/2013 Mr. B. Sahoo, EHS Head, Eicher Motors, Pithampur
58. Corporate HR Expectation from GET 10/05/2013 Mr. Ajit Gupta Manager- HR Cipla Pharmaceutical, Pithampur
59. Fire Safety In High Rise Building 04/05/2013 Dr. A K Sharma, Director Delhi Fire Services ,New Delhi.
60. Nuclear Power Plant and Radiation Safety 18/04/2013 Dr R. V. Nadedkar, Professor, ISLE IPS Academy
61. Fixed Fire Fighting Installation 20/10/2012 Shri Subashish Choudhary ,Director, Total Safety Pvt Ltd. Indore
62. Disaster Management 13/10/2012 Shri B Sahoo Manager EHSF Eicher Motors Ltd
63. Handling of Hazardous Material 19/08/2012 Dr. Nagendra Sohni, Professor ,IET DAVV,Indore