Laboratory Details

Existing Laboratories

Engineering Chemistry Advance Engineering Chemistry
Material And Energy Balance Chemical Instrumentation
Fluid Particle Mechanics Fluid Mechanics
Fuel Technology Mass Transfer-I
Instrument and process control & Advance Process Control Lab Mass Transfer -II & Advance Separation Process Lab
Chemical Reaction Engineering Environmental Engineering
Software Lab Bio-Tech. Lab
Chemical Reaction Engg.-II Heat Transfer Lab

Major Softwares Available

AFT Fathom 7.0

Major Equipments Available

Physical Balance with Weight Box Abels Apparatus (02 Nos) Conradson App.
Cleave Land Open Cup App. (02 Nos) Engler’s Viscometer App. (01 Nos) Electroplating App. With Copper :ants Jar
Orsat Gas Analysis Bomb Calorimeter Abel’s Flash Point App
Saybolt Viscometer Aniline Point App. Smoke Point App.
Drop Point App. Carbon Residue App. Muffle Tubular Furnace
Pensky Marten App. Pentro meter Redwood Viscometer No. (01 Nos)
Redwood Viscometer No. (02 Nos) Centrifuge App. Measurement of strain using strain gauge
P.H. Meter Conductivity Meter Heating Mental (03 Nos)
Water Bath Hot Air oven Dry & Wet Bulb thermometer (05 Nos)
Muffle Furnace Hot Plate Calibration of Thermocouples
Digital Spectrophotometer Turbidity Meter Polarimeter
Flam Photometer Magnetic Stirrer Water Distillation Unit
Nephelometer 1000 NTU Noise Meter Analysis Kit 7 Parameter
Colony Counter Chloroscope Binuclear Microscope
Turbidity Meter Elutriator Flocculator Jar Testing
Muffle Furnace (Tubular) BOD Incubator COD Apparatus
Jaw crusher Ball Mill Fluidized Bed Characteristic
Plate & Frame Filter Press Leaf Filter Thickener
Cyclone Separator Pressure Drop through Packed Bed Hammer Mill
Vibrating Screen Apparatus. Screw Conveyor Discharge Through Venturi meter & orifice meter
Flow Through Orifice & Mouthpiece Nozzle meter Testing Reynolds App. with measuring Cylinder
Metacentric Hight App. Losses Due to Fraction in pipe Losses Due to pipe Fitting
Pitot Tube Appt. Centrifugal Pump Test ring with tank Digital Tachometer
Two stage Compressor Rams Bottom carbon Residue Cloud & Pour point App.
Vapours In air Diffusion Apparatus Adsorption In Packed Bed Absorption In Packed Bed
Bubble Cap Distillation Ebulliometer Air compressor
Mass Transfer With and Without Chemical Reaction Wetted Wall Column Liquid Extraction
Agitated Batch Cooling Tower Forced Draft Tray Dryer
Refractometer Steam Distillation Solid Liquid Extraction
Batch Crystallizer (Swenson Walker) Electronic Balance Forced Convention Apparatus
Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Parallel & Counter Flow Heat Exchanger Droapwise & Filmwise Heat Exchanger
Single Effect Evaporator Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Unsteady State Heat Transfer Unit
Natural Convection Apparatus Thermal Conductivity of Composite Wall Plate type Heat Exchanger
Critical heat flux apparatus Two Tank Interacting System Two Tank Non-Interacting System
Dead weight Pressure Gauge Control Valve Characteristics Measurement of Level by Air Purge
PID Controller Time Constant of Manometer Temperature Control Trainer
Time Constant of Thermocouple & Thermometer Level Control Trainer Pressure Control Trainer
Temperature Transducer Trainer (Setup for calibration of RTD & Thermocouple) Level Measurement by differential pressure transmitter Portable Autoclave
Cascade CSTR Isothermal Semi Batch Reactor RTD of Packed Bed Reactor
CSTR Adiabatic Batch Reactor Plug Flow Reactor
RTD study in CSTR