INNOVITA is an opportunity for young minds pursuing the discipline of Chemical Engineering and technology to connect with the stalwarts of the industry. The preliminary aim of this program is to bridge the gap between the technologically progressive industrial community and the students. This program INNOVITA to play an important role in the overall development of future chemical engineers.

INNOVITA offers a platform to the students to interact with the leaders from the industry during Icon Lectures and Workshops share innovative ideas with the industry through prototype and poster displays during international exhibition which are judged by the jury comprising of experts from  academia.

Glimpses of INNOVITA 2.0


Winner List

Sr. No. Name Event Acquired Position
1 Lucky Anand Singh,

Raghavendra Karma,

Mohammad Almas Siddiqui

Quiz Competation First prize


2 Prathvipal Singh, Rupam Dalal,  Sumant Singh,  Madhur Wadhwani Quiz Competation Second prize
3 Sahil Khan Essay Writting First prize
4 Shubham Joshi Essay Writting Second prize
5 Himanshu Zarbade,  Pragya Keshore, Harsh Ajmera Poster Presentation First prize
6 Yash Patel Poster Presentation Second prize
7 Praveen Kumar Pandey,

Shubham Pandey

Industrial Defined Problems First prize
8 Raj Malviya,  Anik Ashirwadam Paper Presentation First prize
9 Madhur Wadhwani Paper Presentation Second prize
10 Payodhi Chandak, Shubham  Joshi Best Out of Waste First prize


11 Sajal Gupta,    Kanishk Jambhekar Best Out of Waste Second prize