Special Awards

  • ►Namrata Tapaswi, Dr. Prateek Nahar & Mr. Sunny Bagga got copyright for Digital Education Portal for academic activity “Campus Active”, Registration No.: L-104736/2021
  •  ►Pratik Gite have been registered below particulars in the Register of Patents of Common Wealth of Australia on 30 September 2020. Title of invention: Smart Bag For Assisting and Protecting the School Students by Tracking the Geographical Location.
  • Vaishali Gupta is being conferred with Young Scientist Award during 32nd M.P. Young Scientist Congress held at M.P. Council of Science & Technology, Bhopal.
  • ► Dr. Namrata Tapaswi received Young Scientist Award by MAPCOST for special work on “Tree-Bank based deep Grammar Acquision and Sanskrit Language to English and Hindi Language Translation through Rule Based Machine Translation Approach”. (2013)
  • Namrata Tapaswi (CS) Has copyrighted software “NLP tool for Sanskrit Language”