Seminars & Workshop Attended 2022-2023

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1.      18 CE Mr.Harish Kumar Dwivedi

Dr. Devaanshi Jagwani

Mr. Lalitesh Sinha


22/08/2022 28/08/2022 IPS Academy, Institute of Engineering & Science, Indore

(SERB sponsored workshop)

Early diagnosis of oral cancer biomarkers of salaiva in oral cancer A non invasive diagnosis of oral cancer in a Microfluidic platform
2. CE Ms.Sonam Yadav

Ms.Aditi Patidar

24/08/2022 26/08/2022 CSIR-SERC,Chennai


Advance Course on Resent Advances in concrete technology & Durability of concrete Structure
3. CE Mr. Diwakar Singh 10/09/2022 UltraTech Cement Ltd.(Online) “Material Characteristics & Structural applications of Engineered Cementitious Material”
4. CE Mr.Harish Kumar Dwivedi

Dr. Mohd Nasim


26/09/2022 30/09/2022 IIT Indore Multi Hazards risk management solution for cities, Industries and Business
5. CE Dr.Archana Keerti Chowdhary


21/12/2022 22/12/2022 Conducted by Institute for Academic Excellence(IAE),CETED Govt. of Telangana 4th National Level Workshop on NIRF India Ranking 2023
6. CE Dr.Amit Sharma

Mr.Vijay Kumar Baradiya

Dr.Ashish Nim

Dr.Mohd Nasim

Mrs.Swati Shrivastava Mrs.Sonam Yadav               Ms.Aditi Patidar                Mr.Rajesh Chaturvedi Mr.Sunil Harne.

Mr.Apoorv Sharda

Mrs.Veena Baunthiyal

Mr.Harish Kumar Dwivedi

Mr.Arpit Sethia                Mr.Diwakar Singh                               Mr. Harshit Jain                                Mr. Neeraj Mishra

Mr.Praveen Dewara               Ms.Richa Jain                         Dr. DevanshiJagwani Mrs.Nitya Sanghvi                     Ms.Pallavi Gupta             Mr.Lalitesh Sinha               Mrs.Veena Baunthiyal

09/01/2023 13/01/2023 IPS Academy, IES Indore(Chemical Engineering Department) National SERB Workshop on “Contemporary Techno-Economic Advancements in Waste Mitigation”
7. CE Dr.Archana Keerti Chowdhary


16/01/2023 17/01/2023 Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya,Indore (M.P.) National Summit for Institutional leaders-NSIL 2023
8. CE Mr. Diwakar Singh 04/02/2023 UltraTech Cement Ltd.(Online) “Value added concrete and application”.
9. CE Mr. Diwakar Singh 11/02/2023 UltraTech Cement Ltd.(Online) “Health monitoring of structures through instrumentation.
10. CE Mr.Harish Kumar Dwivedi

Mr. Diwakar Singh

Dr. Devaanshi Jagwani

13/03/2023 Institute innovation council, Institute innovation council, by “jal dharohar sangrakhshan”
11. CE Dr.Keerti Kumar Chowdhary 24/03/2023 25/03/2023 IIT Indore,funded by SERB,DST Two day workshop on Fresh Properties of Mortar and Concrete
12. CE Dr.Keerti Kumar Chowdhary

Ms. Pallavi Gupta


27/03/2023 31/03/2023 IIT Indore, assosiation with IGS Sustainable Geoenvironmental Practices:Hazard Mitigation and Environment Protection
13. CE Dr.Archana Keerti Chowdhary


26/04/2023 30/04/2023 AICTE,New Delhi Workshop on Universal Human Values on the theme “Inculcating Universal Human Values in Technical Education”