Dr. Amit Sharma

Technical Education is the most potential instrument for socio-economic change. Presently, the engineer is seen as a high-tech player in the global market. Distinct separation is visible in our education between concepts and applications. Most areas of technology now change so rapidly that there is a need for professional institutes to update the knowledge and competence.

Institute of Engineering and Science, IPS Academy is a leading, premium institution devoted to imparting quality engineering education since 1999. The sustained growth with constant academic brilliance achieved by IES is due to a greater commitment from management, dynamic leadership of the president, academically distinctive and experienced faculty, disciplined students and service oriented supporting staff.

Department grooms the students to get placement in top notch companies by providing training in leadership and personality development. Fervent efforts are made to mould the students to meet the needs of the nation and occupy positions in socio-economic development of the nation and take up challenging tasks and become globally competent technocrat. It is our duty to enlighten and motivate the present and future students that the engineering education should be made more meaningful by taking into account the wider perspective of national needs and aspirations.

I sincerely advise the young engineers to face the major challenges of construction industry with a relentless search for innovation of achieving economy and improved durability of structures by constantly up grading the technology with optimum use of materials, equipment and human resources. I am delighted to note that the civil engineering graduates of this institute have been able to demonstrate their capable identities in different spheres of life and occupied prestigious positions within the country and abroad. The excellence of any institute is a measure of achievements made by the students and faculty.

All the Best.

Dr. Amit Sharma
HOD, Civil Engineering
IPS Academy, Institute of Engineering & Science