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1 CE Priyansh Patel Importance of Cement Based Unfired Building Blocks in Construction ADBU-Journal of Engineering Technology,

Volume 11, Issue3, 01103694(5PP)

2 CE Aditya Sonwalkar Monitoring and Scheduling of A Bridge Using Primavera: A Review International Journal of All Research Education and Scientific Methods (IJARESM), Volume 10, Issue 7, Page 1660-1664 July-22
3 CE Aditya Sonwalkar Monitoring and sceduling
of an arch bridge using
International Journal of Scientific Research in Engineering and management, Volume 06, Issue 07, Page 1-16 July-22
4 CE Tanmesh Patel A Plaxis Analysis For Study
Stability Of The Dam And Failure Phases
International Research Journal of
Modernization in Engineering
Technology and Science, Volume 4, Issue 06, Page 1011-1020