The  General  Engineering  Department  is  a  multi – disciplinary  department  of  streams such as  Applied Sciences  and   Humanities. Applied  Science  (which includes  Mathematics, Chemistry  and  Physics)  is the application of transferred scientific knowledge in a physical environment. The field of engineering is closely related to Applied Science. Applied Science is important for technology development. In industrial areas it is commonly referred to as research and development (R&D). General Engineering at Institute of  Engineering and  Science  started its  operations  in  the year 1999  with  the  establishment of the institute. The primary objective  of  the  department  is  to  develop  in  students  the ability and willingness to apply techniques of critical  analysis to  solve  problems  of  scientific  and  social  interest.  This  will enable them to acquire new knowledge   through   strong   advice   and   excellent   intellectual  resources.  The  Department  of  General Engineering    teaches    Engineering    Physics,    Engineering    Chemistry,    Engineering   Mathematics, communication and personality development to engineering students. The focus is on imparting practical as well as theoretical knowledge in various fields of Engineering.