December 22 was designated as National Mathematics Day (NMD) by Government of India in 2012. Since then this day is commemorated throughout the country with great enthusiasm. IPS Academy, IES, Department of Mathematics celebrates National Mathematics Day every year on 22nd December to commemorate the Birthday on Srinivasa Ramanujam.

Quiz Competition on 22-12-2020: The celebration included Quiz Competition, where many students participated in quiz and the certificates provided to all participants.

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                                               Celebration of Mathematics Day on 22 December 2021

Expert lecture on 22-12-2020: IPS Academy, Institute of Engineering & Science, Department of Mathematics organized Expert lecture on 22-12-2020. The lecture was delivered by Dr Pragati Jain, Assistant Professor, Govt. College, Manawar, Dhar.

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                                               Celebration of Mathematics Day on 22 December 2020